Boston Professional Tree Removal

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Our professional tree removal services can help you clear the unnecessary trees from your property. We can clear away dead trees, damaged trees, sick trees, or trees that have become unsafe or propose problems to your home, foundations or other structures on your property.

We have been serving residential property owners, commercial land owners and developers, businesses and schools, churches and building companies around the Boston area for over 5 years.

Reasons for Tree Removal Service;

  • Foundation Damage Caused by Tree Roots
  • Tree Clearing for Structures and Buildings
  • Tree Removal for a Property Construction
  • Storm/Natural Occurrence Damaged Tree Removal
  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Dangerous Tree Removal

Regardless of what your reasons may be for wanting tree removal services in Boston, Boston Tree Service can quickly and professionally remove them for you.


How We Handle Stump Removal

We make fast work of removing the stumps you need to be removed from your property.  We bring in one of our highly efficient commercial stump grinders that will fit through most 36″ housing gates.

Normally, we are able to remove the stump down below the surface about 8 to 14 inches which totally eliminates any visible part of the stump.   We then backfill the area so you have a level exterior and plenty of depth to plant a new sod.  If you have visible roots attached to the stump, we grind those below grade as well.

To stop new root and stump growth on living stumps, we advise the application of a chemical that stops the growth.

We offer home & property owners affordable stump grinding & removal, tree trimming and emergency tree service.  If you would like a free estimate on your stump grinding project, call us at (217) 388-5488 or fill out our online estimate form below and we will get back to you right away!