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Tree trimming and pruning is a science and an art form

Tree trimming and tree pruning services are the foundation to any successful tree care services program. It is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, retaining its natural form, but if you try to trim your trees by yourself, you could end up trimming it the wrong way, causing serious damage to your beloved asset.

Pruning and trimming is a science as well it is a form of art. The science involves an understanding of tree biology, recognizing plant flaws and skillfully eliminating the defects without hindering the tree’s growth. The art form is masterfully trimming and pruning by removing proper deadwood that aesthetically shapes your tree to improve the beauty of your property landscape.

The valuable benefits of professional tree trimming and pruning

At Boston Tree Service our arborists have a deep biological knowledge when it comes to trees and know how to perform a professional tree trim or prune that provides helpful benefits such as:

  • A healthier tree with an extended lifespan
  • Fewer unhealthy and dangerous limbs
  • Increased resistance to tree pests
  • Increased strength to protect against storms and high winds

When it’s time to call in a professional arborist

  • Your tree appears too close to electric lines
  • Branches are close or are touching your property
  • You see dead or loose hanging branches
  • Your trees have not been trimmed or pruned in the last 2 years
  • You would like your tree shaped for a more artistic curb appeal

Our Tree Trimming Methods

Properly trimming & pruning trees is a form of art and science mixed together.  Anyone can start cutting branches from a tree, but not all individual or services know which limbs should be cut and the correct way to trim and cut them.

We begin by thinning the tree’s canopy, which allows more daylight to the inner part of the tree.  This helps make a well-built interior and increases the size of the tree’s trunk diameter.  The extra air flow prevents infection and disease.  If a tree can’t breathe, it can’t stay healthy.

As trees age, they have a tendency to grow sideways to get more sun light. Long lateral branches can actually put more damage on a tree and stop healthy development.  This is where structural trimming is a need.  We cut away this extra growth to give the tree a single trunk with even branch spacing.  This helps the tree grow up, not out.  With upright growth, the tree will live longer and remain in good physical shape.

We offer home & property owners affordable and professional tree removal, stump grinding and emergency tree service.  If you would like a free estimate on your tree trimming project, call us at (217) 388-5488 or fill out our online estimate form above and we will get back to you quickly with a price.