Stump Grinding

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If you have old big tree stumps left standing in your yard after you have had a tree removed, this can cause a number of issues, including suckering and breeding of fungus. To stay away from such problems, you should  remove the dead stumps by grinding them.

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Why You Should Not Let the Stumps Standing

If the stump is left in the ground after the tree is felled, it can lead to a “suckering” problem. This means that if the tree is not dead, new shoots will build up from the roots and the trunk. These shoots build up unevenly and may turn out to be an unwelcome addition to your landscape. It is better that you grind the stump right away.

If the stumps are completely dead, they would not form suckers, but they will naturally act as propagation ground for a variety of fungus and insects. The root diseases are the reason of these fungus and they may potentially put at risk the health of your family. If close to your residence, the insects can find their way into your house easier simply because they live closer to entrances.

Tree Stump Grinding Methods

There are different methods to remove a tree stump. Whatever the method you choose, you must keep in mind that it is always best to uproot the trunk in its entirety. Boston Tree Removal can offer you the best advice on how to get rid of a tree stump.

We at Boston Tree Service may also use automatic mini-excavators to remove tree stumps if the stumps are not very huge. This is particularly possible if the trunk is long enough to give leverage during the tree removal. At Boston Tree Removal, we have our own mini-excavators and have many years experience using them.

However, the most outstanding way to get rid of your stumps is to grind them with the help of stump grinders. Tree stump grinding will give you the most excellent and most long-lasting results when it comes to tree stump removal and making use of the yard surrounding the area it was in. The majority of the roots will be ground down. Some of the roots, which escape the grinding, will rot down in a short time and are not a concern. Gardeners should in no way try to use the grinding machine unless they are totally confident. Attempting to use one without proper knowledge of it’s use can be potentially dangerous.

If a tree falls, their stumps need to be removed as quickly as possible to avoid possible hazards. If the trunks are old and large enough, you should call a tree removal service to execute the task of tree stump grinding for you. Boston Tree Removal has been working for years in the Boston area and can provide neat, high-quality and reliable work on all tree removal, tree trimming and emergency tree service.